Wednesday, 25 April 2012

My experience in creating this blog

I am excited to create this blog as I can finally share what I want to say to other people who are looking at my post. Sometimes when we blog, we should use language wisely because everyone will be able to see the blog posts. We can also learn more about IT stuff if we blog, for example, how to put links, photo, and videos.

MY feelings and reactions when I received the letter/ call that confirms my posting to SST

This image does not belong to me.

When i first received the letter that confirms my posting to SST, I was delighted as I would be starting a new learning experience in my new secondary school, I am also happy that I was finally able to get into my dream school after putting in all my effort. The picture depicts three penguin dancing. I chose this picture as it was exactly how I felt when I received the letter.